Graphics Design


We’re a graphic design company engaged in creating original Graphics using graphic tools to match customers requirement. We’ve a talent pool of creative artist with Art background to get you distinguished graphics work for Print, Web, Audio & Video media formats and other graphic design services.

If you’re looking for graphics design in india, It makes sense to engage with an agency who can transform your ideas from Paper to Digital format without having to deal with multiple point of contact. You can expect a complete branding solution from Sungold Media And Entertainment Limited.

The Following Are The Graphic Design,Branding And Printing Solutions Provided By Us:

Corporate Branding is critical for any company to predetermine how they want their business to be perceived by their potential customers. The corporate brand building holds utmost importance, which we help you achieve. We are one of the best corporate branding companies that pay attention to detail in order to achieve the targeted brand image. Our Corporate Branding Services include designing a Brand Identity for our clients by designing their branding material like Logos,Visiting Card,Letterheads,Envelope And Other Stationery.

SMEL is a corporate branding company that helps you create a brand identity by identifying ways to raise awareness about your company. With our corporate branding ideas and corporate branding designs, you can be sure that your company’s branding is in safe hands.

Outdoor Branding is a fantastic way to create a brand image that has a recall value because they can be used anywhere. At SMEL,We customize, design and craft outdoor branding solutions as per the specifications of our clients. We believe in creating design solutions that are both aesthetically beautiful and strategic. We start with building the strategy and insights. With the help of our unique outdoor branding ideas, we bring a brand to life with a rich and distinctive identity system that considers all the brand touchpoints.

Our outdoor branding solutions include Designing Hoardings, Flex, Banners,Leaflets,Pamphlets,Flyers,Standees,Brochures,As well as Catalogs.We also does Auto Rickshaw branding for its clients. Hence, we are a One-Stop Solution for all your outdoor branding needs.

Digital Branding is a creative partnership that is aligned with a company’s business goals for the digital medium. CreativeClick is a Digital Marketing Services & Branding company that approaches a project with the aim to create a design that enables users to traverse the digital space of their site seamlessly. Our digital branding solutions provide the aptest content for consumption of the target audience.

We effectively put across all the data that our clients want to be converted into customers. We believe that digital branding is an art that must be used by brands to create the most practical, useful and meaningful interaction with their users. We help our clients with these interactions influence their brand identity. Our digital branding includes services like Designing E-brochures,Website Sliders, And Digital Banners For Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, etc. We also manage the company profiles of our clients and don’t miss on any medium for creating a positive impact for their brands amongst its current as well as target customers.

Event Branding is an essential step for all brands as it takes into consideration specific needs, image, reputation, features, budget, as well as objectives of the client through a particular event. Every single company’s branding, an event element has to be selected, designed and customized to suit the specific requirements of the client. Our award-winning services are tailored precisely as per our client’s needs. Our skilled team of designers ensures that everything at a Branding Event focuses on creating a best possible light for the brand.

We believes that events are a great way to enhance the brand identity. Therefore, we design everything including Hoardings,Flex,Outdoor Banners, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Flyers And Standees For Events.We Design events that are unforgettable.

Packaging is a critical component of successful product delivery, regulatory compliance, protection, etc.SMEL believes that the product integrity must be maintained at all times and therefore choosing the right packaging solution is especially important. Our industry-best design team is highly experienced in designing dependable solutions for the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

We pay close attention to the needs of our clients in order to deliver branding and design solutions that precisely meet their packaging requirements. From product size and quantity to shipping and storage, we takes every requirement of its client into strict consideration. We believe in designing the most optimal packaging solutions for our clients. Our packaging solutions and services include Creative Packaging Design,Custom Packaging Design, Product Packaging Design And Printing Of All Design Materials.

Books & Magazines in today’s digital age is losing its charm.SMEL starts the process of designing the cover and layout by reading manuscripts and understanding the target audience of the book and magazine. We provide our clients with a range of custom book cover designs and magazine cover designs to choose from. We work to achieve the best magazine design or book design keeping its audience in mind. From a simple text-driven book/magazine to one with many images, pull quotes and sidebars, we create the best designs. We make sure that our book layout designs or the magazine layout designs are in sync with the cover design.

We design books and magazines that are typographically attractive, readable as well as engaging. We ensure that the book’s exterior is as spectacular as its content because we believe that books are judged by their covers.